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Our Cheese

The first cheese is the flagship Ballylisk Triple Cream called the Triple Rose. It is a circular, white mould, single herd, full–flavoured cheese. Its decadent richness is balanced by salty, lemony notes. It is made from pasteurised cow’s milk with added cream.

The cheese is made in a purpose–built facility just up the road from the farms. The morning’s milk is in the cheese mould by lunchtime. That happens every single day. At the moment, production is small scale but the aim is to utilise the entire pool of milk within three years. The state of the art facility is designed to cope with expansion.

Further cheeses are in development at Loughry College Food Technology Centre, including a blue version of the Triple Cream, a cider–washed cheese and a soft creamy Brie–style. There are also plans for traditional artisan butters.


Client Testimonials

  • "Ballylisk cheese will enjoy pride of place on the very best Irish cheeseboards. Certainly on mine!"

    Simon Dougan MBE, Chef
  • "A brilliant addition to the restaurant"

    Jim Mulholland, Executive Head Chef, Restaurant Novelli at AC Marriott Hotel, Belfast
  • "A sensational triple cream, single herd cheese"

    Sam Butler, Food Writer
  • "I have just tasted a great cheese that is on a world-class scale"

    Noel McMeel, Executive Chef. Lough Erne Resort, Fermanagh
  • "Absolutely delicious and a fantastic addition to our cheeseboard"

    John Mathers, Newforge House, Craigavon
  • "We opened one of these cheeses last night with our Sour Cherry - it lasted less than ten minutes!"

    Jayne Paget, Erin Grove Preserves, Fermanagh

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